Thursday, 10 August 2017

Whats On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #427

I decided to look back through my blog one evening and it was great looking at past layouts, past kits, past design teams I have been part of, past cards I have made and sent - and posts I have blogged about, and I came across 'What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday' - and I was pleased to see not only Julia's blog was still going but she was still posting WOYWW.  I think I last posted WOYWW back in 2011/2012 - and since then so much has happened - we've moved (I now have a craft room and not the table in the kitchen) and Jack is 19 and Sam is 16 - so both have finished school (However are still in education).  As you can see from my photos below - things haven't changed that much as the desk is still a tip and a bit of a dumping ground, but it is all work in progress as well as being the home office too!
 As you can see - I still craft, and there are photos on the desk and a couple of dies.  I'm actually working on updating my planners and the bottle of gin is a gift (mine is in the fridge)  I have only recently started scrapbooking at home again as life and the house seems to take up so much if my time - but I am trying to make time for my crafting too! Maybe next time my desk will be a bit more organised and there will be some active crafting!
 As for the two blankets on the back of the desk - its for these two (who used to make regular appearances of WOYWW) - they are still with me, and are never far and when I am sat at my desk - this is where you will find them (nothing to do with the fact the radiator is under the desk), and they are both still full of mischief!
Thanks for stopping by to see whats on my desk ad please pop over to Julia's blog and join in WOYWW!
Hugs Sarah x x x x

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Cocoa Vanilla Studios - Black and white

I love black and white - especially black and white photos (however this one is colour).
My boy - he is my Converse King!! (I see a future title here) - I love the black and white papers.


Thanks for looking
Hugs Sarah x x x 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Long time no see!

Hello - I know, long time no see! I haven't stopped scrapbooking but I had pretty much stopped blogging and scrapbooking at home.
Last year we moved house - and I finally had a craft room! So crafting pretty much stopped six months prior to the move as I packed everything away, and then it took a while to sort and organise my room at home - and then I didn't use it. How crazy is that?
Life, work, exhaustion just got in the way, and looking after a bigger house has been a bit of a challenge too - and I am still not organised on this front.
I was also having camera issues and my little camera wasn't connecting to the PC, I hated Windows 10, I couldn't crop my photos to make them square and then had problems resizing for UKS uploading. I was struggling to update my blog using my was just one excuse after another.
I was still going to crops and I was still scrapbooking, but not at home.  Then recently our local crop moved to my village - and I felt I needed to support our crop leader and get my arse into gear.  So I now take my photos on my iPhone, crop them, and then email to myself and I open that email on the PC - job done!  Then I had an email from UKSA (UK Scrap Addicts) and they asked me to be a guest designer - this required updating my blog - so here I am!
These are two recent pages I have done - both photos from a recent Hospital Summer Ball (and in typical UK fashion, we had torrential rain all night!)
I have used a mixture of papers from old My Creative Scrapbook kits.
#worksquad is using papers from Julie Nutting Belle Vie Collection
Girlfriends is using papers from Blue Fern Studios Attic Collection.
Please pop back soon as there will be lots more updates and pages - and my UKSA post will be live at the end of the month!
Thanks for coming back
Love and Hugs
Sarah xx